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Gagarin 205 Live Music Space



Friday 19 May 2023
& Saturday 20 May 2023
Gagarin 205 Live Music Space

We are extremely excited to announce the return Up the Hammers next year for the 17th time on May 19th and May 20th for a a two day heavy metal onslaught!
Join us in welcoming the bands that will share the stage
for an amazing two day festival:
Riot V Feat. Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin Special Show
Fan favorites Riot V will be headlining the festival with a very special guest on stage! Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (Jag Panzer, Titan Force ex- Riot) will be joining the band to perform together on a very special exclusive show. The US power metal legends will play all-time favorite anthems from their illustrious career, honoring the memory of the late Mark Realle who formed the band in 1975.
Exciter (40 years anniversary Heavy Metal Maniac Exclusive Show)
We proudly announce the Speed Metal Legends Exciter for an exclusive show that celebrates the 40 years anniversary since the release of their legendary debut album "Heavy Metal Maniac". The iconic speed trio from Canada choose Athens and UTH XVII to be their battleground to perform songs from one of the most celebrated albums in speed metal history for their fans!
One of the most requested bands will finally make their appearance in Greece for the first time ever! World renown for their unique style Technical Speed Metal, Toxik released two monumental albums in 1987 (World Circus) and in 1989 (Think This) and since their reunion in 2013 released 2 EPs and two full length albums, including this year's "Dis Morta"
Cloven Hoof (Special Old School set)
NWOBHM heroes Cloven Hoof have arranged a very special Old School set for Up the Hammers this year, with a selection of anthems from their 1984 iconic self titled debut and the all-time fan favorite albums "Dominator" (1988) and "A Sultan's Ransom (1989).
Riot City
We are thrilled to present you one of the hottest NWOTHM bands in the planet, Riot City! The Canadians became known in the traditional heavy metal scene when they introduced their debut "Burn the Night", which was one of the top releases of 2019. Their new album "Electric Elite" is destined to follow on the same path, when it will be released by No Remorse Records this October.
Dark Quarterer (Exclusive first two album special show)
Italian Epic metal legends Dark Quarterer will return to  Athens for UTH XVII and they have prepared an amazing special show! The band will play songs only from their first two albums, the 1987 self titled debut and their 1988 second album "The Etruscan Prophecy", for an exclusive appearance before the fans!
Blazon Stone (First show in Greece)
For the first time ever, the Blazon Stone pirate armada will be docking in Athens and the Up the Hammers! The Swedish NWOTHM pioneers released 6 outstanding pirate themed, speed/power metal albums since their formation in 2013. Their latest album "Damnation" was released last year marking their return after a short hiatus. 
Seven Sisters
London's premier twin-lead Heavy Metal four piece, Seven Sisters, will return after 7 years to up the Hammers Festival! After releasing 3 highly acclaimed LPS and one EP, the band are preparing to unleash their brand new album "Electric Elite" this fall.
Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Midas will be joining the ranks of Up The Hammers Festival, following the release of their first, self titled album this year. Playing old school heavy metal of the highest quality, the band will be playing their first ever European show.
Greek metallers Darklon will open the gates of Up the Hammers festival 2023, promising a show to remember!.  The band's debut album "Rise from Death" was released in 2019 and they perform top notch heavy power metal in the vein of old school USPM. Their sophomore album is already completed and recorded and will be scheduled for release in the first half of 2023 by No Remorse Records.

Liosion 205, Athens
Friday 19 May 2023
Saturday 20 May 2023
85€ - two days ticket
- online: www.ticketservices.gr
- call center: 2107234567
- box office: 39, Panepistimioy Str, Athens
(online and phone sales include a service fee of 5% on the ticket price)

Tixckets purchased online are downloaded as a PDF file.
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