Information on using our website

User Accounts

  • You may purchase tickets from our website as a guest, without the need of creating a user account.
  • A user account is useful for frequent purchases since you need not provide us with the same contact details required for the purchase.   
  • User accounts are created by entering your email as username and a password of your choice
  • Since you have created an account, you may log in whenever you want, in order to perform purchases, or just to see your transaction history etc.
  • At the registration form, it is necessary to fill in all the required fields (last name, first name, address, telephone numbers etc)
  • Your personal details must be valid, and able to be confirmed by our company. If the data is invalid, then our company has the right to cancel your account, and your tickets, even if already charged to a credit card.
  • Reservations are made under the name of the user who signed up, even if a credit card of another person was used.
  • In case you forget your password, there is a procedure for resetting it through your email.
You may create a user account, or just log in if you already have one, and edit your details, or change your password, by clicking here.

Booking info

  • Search for the desired event in our home page
  • Note that some events may be performed on multiple dates, or in multiple performances within the same day.
  • Having selected your desired event, you may capture tickets for it.
  • Tickets are capture either automatically (by giving us your search criteria: e.g. Section, Price, Number of tickets etc), or manually by clicking on the venue's map (if the seats are numbered).
  • By capturing tickets on a performance, they are automatically added to "Your Order"
  • You may check "Your Order" at any time, and remove, change, or add more tickets to it.
  • When you have completed your ticket selection, you may proceed to the order completion.
  • At this point, if you have not already created a user account, you may create one now. If you already have an account and you are logged in you may proceed to payment.
  • Tickets are purchased using a credit card (Please check Payment section below)
  • After completing the payment and the card is charged, a confirmation message is shown, and you may print the transaction receipt if you wish (which is not necessary for collecting your tickets).
  • Also, an email is sent to you, containing the transaction details
  • Information on collecting your tickets can be found below (Collecting your tickets).
Please, note that after capturing a ticket and adding it to "Your Order", it will remain there for 10 minutes until the transaction is completed. If this time passes, it will be automatically released. On any modification of your order, this limit is refreshed.


  • Ticket bookings here at the Ticket Services website are made using a credit, debit, or prepaid card  
  • Cards accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD
  • After the booking and the credit card charging, NO REFUNDS or ticket cancellations are available.
  • You may use another person's credit card. In any case, tickets will be collected under the name of the person signed up to our web site.
  • In most events, the producers are handling the cost of our service. So the buyer is only charged with the amount of the tickets.
  • In a few cases, this cost is not handled by the producers, but is charged to the customer as a booking fee. This is usually an amount on the total cost of your tickets, or a fixed price on every ticket. In these cases you get a receipt for this extra charge. Please note, that even in the case of an event cancelation, this service fee is not refundable.
  • Note that Ticket Services resells tickets for event organizers (producers), that are responsible for these events. Details of the production companies are presented along with the event information. Ticket Services is not responsible for the content or for other event details and any request regarding the event should be addressed to the producers.

Collecting your tickets

  • Users can download a pdf file (e-ticket).
  • Alternatively, for most of the performances, you may also collect your tickets beforehand at our central box office (39, Panepistimiou Str, Athens. Info here)
  • Ticket collection requires that you provide us with your credit card and your ID (or passport).
  • A third person may collect your tickets instead of you. In this case the person should provide us his own ID, in order to sign for collecting them. He/she also must ask for the tickets under the name that they were booked.
  • Tickets are not posted to you by our service. But if you wish, you may arrange their collection and transfer to you through a post-office company of your choice. But you should first contact us.

Dispute Resolution

  • Any dispute that may arise between the ticket buyer and Ticket Services can be resolved amicably through the European Commission's Dispute Resolution Platform ( and the ADR entity (s) certified in accordance with the Directive 2013/11 / EU, INDEPENDENT AUTHORITY "HELLENIC CONSUMER'S OMBUDSMAN" (

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