Theater of War: The Drum Major Instinct


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Theater of War: The Drum Major Instinct

Theater of War Productions returns to Athens to present a dramatic reading and re-enactment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final sermon, The Drum Major Instinct.

Wednesday June 20, 20.30, Stavros Niarchos Hall, GNO

Theater of War: The Drum Major Instinct

Building on last year's successful performance of Antigone in Ferguson, Theater of War Productions returns to Athens to present a dramatic reading and re-enactment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final sermon, The Drum Major Instinct, delivered on February 4, 1968, just two months before his assassination.

In his last sermon, exactly two months before his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King spoke prophetically of his own imminent death and laid out a challenge to his congregation, and also the world, to harness an inborn human drive— “the desire to be out front, a desire to lead the parade, a desire to be first”— and use it to promote justice, righteousness, and peace by channeling it into acts of service and love.

Today, The Drum Major Instinct is a project of great importance, as it comes at a time when social dialogue is more than ever focused on the protection of the rights of refugees, immigrants and the LGBTQ community. It’s not only a project of high artistic quality, but also an inspiration for new ideas and social change. It includes Martin Luther King’s dramatized readings, accompanied by original and arranged music composed and conducted by Phil Woodmore, featuring a choir of diverse singers, including police officers and their spouses, teachers, activists, and members of the faith community from St. Louis, Missouri.

Fifty years after Martin Luther King’s last sermon, Theater of War reminds us that at a time of oppression and hatred, the struggle for justice remains topical in contemporary society.


Bryan Doerries, Art Director
Theater of War Productions
Phil Woodmore, Composer

- After the beginning of the performance, the entrance is allowed only in case of pause or break
- The entrance is allowed to children 6 years old and over

Pre-registration is required. Electronic pre-registration for the event will start on 12/6 at 14.00

Note: A discussion will follow after the performance

Stavros Niarchos Hall
of the Greek National Opera

Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Cultural Center (SNFCC)

Event Date
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
time: 20:30

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