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A radioptical opera

28 Feb, 01 Mar, 02 Mar 2021
7pm London
8pm Berlin
9pm Athens
11am LA
14pm New York

The online performance platform aejaa presents an adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy Medea connecting remotely and in real time musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists from Los Angeles, Athens, Montreal and Berlin. In an effort to unfold visually and sonically the actions of one of the most analyzed and discussed female characters, the work uses three performers to portray her words (Alexia Kaltsiki), her voice (Anastasia Kotsali), and her movement (Iliana Kalapotharakou). The viewer's screen becomes the portal to her thinking while sound functions as the channel of communication with the rest of the characters. With its creative and aesthetic approaches the work is a multimedia experience that revisits Euripides's tragedy while explores the characteristics of opera in the online domain.

Aejaa is a new online performance platform. It is a space created for people to share creative efforts in real time, conceived out of the need to collaborate remotely without compromising audio or visual quality. Having already collaborated with over 100 artists, aejaa offers a space for expression and creativity re-exploring the notion of the artistic event in the digital space.

Concept and music by Andreas Levisianos

Alexia Kaltsiki (Actor | Athens)
Anastasia Kotsali (Mezzo-soprano | Athens)
Iliana Kalapotharakou (Dancer | Berlin)
Andrea Young (Mezzo-soprano | Montreal)
Sara Sinclair Gomez (Mezzo-soprano | Los Angeles)
Sharon Kim (Mezzo-soprano | Los Angeles)
John Eagle (Horn | Ithaka, NY)
Guido de Flaviis (Saxophone | Athens)
Spyros Tzekos (Clarinet | Athens)
Andreas Levisianos (Music Direction, Live Electronics | Berlin)

Artistic Direction, Production: aejaa
Co-Production: Prolet OCD
Visual Arts, Programming: Christos Atzinas
Direction, Camera: Chrysanthi Goula
Set design, Production Coordination: Valia Rassa
Graphic Design: Niko Crncevic
Technical Support: Artem Titkov


The online performance platform aejaa

A radioptical opera live from four different countries!

- SUNDAY 28/2
- MONDAY 1/3

performance starts at
7.00pm London
8.00pm Berlin
9.00pm Athens
11.00am LA
14.00pm New York


Performed in Greek.
English subtitles available


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  • Please check in on time, because this is a live event, and latecomers may not view what's missed.
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  • Each ticket may be used only on a single browser/device.
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    - online at


    Prolet OCD ΑΜΚΕ
    ΑΦΜ: 997041160

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