Breath of the world


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Theatro Rematias, Chalandri


YELP danceco.

Breath of the world

Monday 2 October 2023

Theatro Rematias, Chalandri @ 21:00

The new choreographic work of Mariela Nestora / YELP danceco. focuses on breath as the primary relationship of the body with the world.

Plants are -and have always been- our most important co-inhabitants on the planet. We are in a reciprocal relationship: humans breathe in the oxygen plants exhale and plants breathe in the carbon dioxide humans produce. How can we restore the ecological affinities that bind us in a rapidly climate-changing world?

Dancers and musicians compose the ephemeral organism of this performance that can be perceived as part of another larger ecosystem. The choreography explores the function of breathing as a biological, psychological and spiritual node associating different species and cultures. Breath of the world activates empathy and proposes the experience of a performance as a gathering of different species.

The air we breathe is not a purely geological or mineral reality but rather the breath of other living beings. In breath we depend on the lives of others. Emanuele Coccia


Choreography: Mariela Nestora
Co-creation/ performance: Ioanna Toumpakari, Yannis Tsigris, Pagona Boulbasakou
Music / original composition: Anargyros Deniosos
Musicians: Renato Kousis, Leonidas Palamiotis
Costumes: Eleftheria Arapoglou-DIGITARIA
Dramaturgy collaboration: Mårten Spångberg, Elena Novakovits
Photos: Myrto Apostolidou
Poster design: Maria Elena Myrka
Press: Evangelia Skrobola
Production: KART productions, Mary Xanthopoulidou, Anastasia Kavallari

Produced within the framework of the programme 2023 of the institution "All of  Greece one Culture" of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the support of the municipality of Chalandri.                                                               

YELP danceco. /Mariela Nestora

Choreographer and researcher Mariela Nestora was born in Athens, Greece. Since 2001 she has created more than 22 productions for the stage, site specific and public space, with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Onassis foundation, Kalamata International Festival etc. YELP danceco. productions have been presented in Maribor, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Kassel, Berlin, London, Brighton, Ipswich, Bologna, Bologna, Montpellier, Brest, Bucharest, Parnu Aarhus, Brussels, Athens, Kavala, Patras, Thessaloniki, Volos, Hydra, Heraklion, Chania and have been selected for platforms and festivals such as ITI, Dance Platform, Athens Biennale, Plesna Isba, Municipal Theatre of Patras, Cultural Capital of Patras, The Place Commissions, The Video Place, Videodance festival and MIRfestival.  

Nestora studied artistic research Master's program- ArtEZ,Netherlands, Feldenkrais method- Professional Training Greece1, Contemporary dance and choreography - London Contemporary Dance School, Biology- B.Sc. at Queen Mary and Westfield and Molecular Genetics- M.Sc. at St.Mary's Medical School, Imperial College. Her artistic research is situated in Post Humanism, exploring choreography as a gathering and developing the methodology of molecular choreography. As an independent artist (2011-2017) she participated in collectives: Green Park, Kolektiva Omonia, Embros Theatre, Syndesmos Chorou and also instigated the Collective Choreography Project CCP and from stage to page a platform and publication for the Greek contemporary dance scene. She works as a choreographer, researcher, mentor, movement director and as a teacher/practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method.


Theatro Rematias
Monday, October 2, 2023

Start time: 21:00

50 minutes

12€ general admission
10€ concessions 


Phone: 2107234567
- Box office: 39 Panepistimiou Str, Athens

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ΑΦΜ: 099538009
ΕΔΡΑ: Βερναρδάκη 13, Αθήνα, 11522

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