Presentation of the award-winning pieces from the 2022-2023 Composition Competition for two pianos ''Theodore Antoniou''


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Alternative Stage


Presentation of the award-winning pieces from the 2022-2023 Composition Competition for two pianos "Theodore Antoniou"

Piano duo Antithesis
  • 16 Jun 2024


Greek National Opera Alternative Stage
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Starts at: 19.30 | clock

Admission will be free upon priority vouchers that will be distributed exclusively via ticket services, starting from Tuesday 11 June 2024, at 12.00.


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The piano duo Antithesis is coming to the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage at the SNFCC to present the award-winning pieces from the 2022-2023 Composition Competition for two pianos, which was organized by the Region of Crete in the memory of Theodore Antoniou. On Sunday 16 June 2024, at 19:30, Petros Moschos and Dimitris Kayrids will perform the three award-winning pieces from the competition, along with 20th-century compositions for two pianos inspired by traditional music, jazz, and the works of George Gershwin. Admission will be free for the public.

The concert programme includes the award-winning pieces Kaleidoscope by Stathis Chomatsas (1st Prize), -101118 by Stamatis Pasopoulos (2nd Prize), and 3 Simulacra of Songs by George Gershwin by Angelos Mastrantonis (3d Prize), as well as compositions for two pianos by Percy Grainger, Giannis Konstantinidis, Darius Milhaud, and Fazil Say.

The 2022-2023 Composition Competition for two pianos Theodore Antoniou was held in Crete and was organized by the Region of Crete and the Greek Composers' Union in collaboration with the Heraklion Piano Festival.

A few words about the 2022-2023 Composition Competition for two pianos Theodore Antoniou

The Composition Competition for two pianos is an original event co-organized by the Region of Crete and the Greek Composers' Union, in collaboration with the Heraklion Piano Festival. Its aim is to bring out emerging artists and contemporary artistic creations.

Starting from Crete, with a stop in London (The Hellenic Centre) in December 2023, and ending in Athens at the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage in the SNFCC, the journey of the Composition Competition for two pianos in memory of Theodore Antoniou is coming to a close. The company of five who first conceived the idea of the Competition (Ioanna Giannari, Dimitris Karydis, Petros Moschos, Joseph Papadatos, and Eleni Skarkou) worked together for two years, in order to design, coordinate, organize, and supervise its realization. A collective effort aimed at providing composers from Greece and Cyprus, residing worldwide and born from 1983 onwards, the opportunity to create pieces for two pianos. This initiative aims to nurture contemporary musical creativity and enhance the existing repertoire for this unique combination.

The members of the jury panel have carved out significant careers and enjoy international recognition in the field of modern music. These are Giorgos Koumendakis (Composer, Artistic Director of the Greek National Opera), Joseph Papadatos (Composer, President of the Greek Composers' Union, University Professor), Minas Borboudakis (Composer), Erato Alakiozidou (Pianist), and Spyros Deligiannopoulos (Composer, Pianist).

In charge of the Competition's coordination were Ioanna Giannari (Special Associate of the Region of Crete on modern culture, Responsible for the design/coordination and supervision of the Crete Festival, and a founding member of the Heraklion Piano Festival) and Eleni Skarkou (Composer, Vice-President of the Greek Composers' Union, and a Board Member of the Greek National Opera).


Piano duo Antithesis

Dimitris Karydis and Petros Moschos, who perform together as the piano duo Antithesis, started their collaboration when they were still studying at the Royal Academy in London. Their unique synchronization, rare musicality, and brilliant technique attract a constantly increasing international audience. They have been honoured with many prizes and distinctions at the world's most prestigious piano duo competitions.

-Bronze MEdal, 'Murray Dranoff International Piano Duo Competition', 2003, Miami, USA.

-First Prize, 'Donostia Hiria International Piano Duo Competition', 2003, Spain

-Second Prize (no first prize was awarded), 'Schubert Piano Duo Competition' 2001, as well as the Special Prize 'Aloise Slosila' for the best performance of Schubert's works, Czech Republic

- First Prize, 'V. Bellini - Citta de Caltanissetta International Piano Duo Competition', 2000, Italy

- First Prize, 'Rovere d'oro International Music Competition', 1999, UItaly

-Athens Academy, special prize for their artistic activity, 2000 and 2001, Athens

They often give performances to great success in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Israel, Canada, and the USA.

Their first CD with pieces by Schubert, Brahms, and Mozart was recorded in 2000. It was a co-production of the Bavarian Radio Broadcasting Company and the German record label Genuin. Their second CD The Carnival of Animals, was the result of an exceptionally successful collaboration between the duo Antithesis with the Nurnberg Youth Orchestra, aimed at educational purposes. They have also made recordings for the Czech, Israeli, Greek, and Bavarian Radio Broadcasting Companies, as well as for BBC 3.

They have a special interest in modern music and have worked together with numerous contemporary composers such as Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, Rhian Samuel, Frederick Kaufmann, Paul Sarcich, Marcel Bergman, Martin Bejerano, Theodore Antoniou and many more.

Petros Moschos and Dimitris Karydis studied with Dimitris Toufexis and Aliki Vatikioti in Greece, as well as with Frank Wibaut and James Gibb in London (Royal Academy of Music). They both hold a PhD from City University. Dimitris works at Morley College in London, where he runs the classical music department. Petros teaches at the City Literary Institute, Morley College, and the Centre for Young Musicians, which is part of Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Petros and Dimitris are also founding members of the Heraklion Piano Festival.


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