Ticket purchase terms & conditions

  • Each purchased ticket grants admission to one person to the venue stated therein and is valid exclusively for the date, performance and time for which it has been issued. In line with the special health safety protocols and in order to avoid overcrowding and maintain appropriate social distancing, ticket holders must arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the show.
  • To enter the venue audience members must present at the entrance: (a) either a certificate of full vaccination or (b) Certificate of recovery from COVID-19, issued 30 days after the first positive test result and valid for one hundred and eighty (180) days thereafter for those issued until 31/10/2021 and for ninety (90) days thereafter for those issued from 01/11/2021 onwards. The above-mentioned certificates are presented in paper or electronic form via a mobile device. Children from 4 to 17 years of age may present a certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 or a negative self-test result declaration, provided that the test has been taken within the last 24h filled in and signed by any of their parents, even the one who does not have the custody of the child, or by their legal guardian. The physical presence of the parent or guardian is not required.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory upon entering and exiting the venue and throughout the duration of the performance. In the event of no compliance, audience members will be removed from the venue.
  • Audience members will enter the venue through designated entrance points that will be specially marked. After the end of the performance, a special procedure of exiting the venue will be followed. You are requested to maintain social distancing, pay due attention to the announcements from the speakers and follow the instructions of the venue staff.
  • The seat assigned to your ticket is strictly personal. You are not allowed to change your seat for reasons of identification and future tracking. In the event of late arrival, provided that admission is allowed at a suitable part of the show, audience members have to follow the ushers' instructions and be redirected to a seat other than the one stated on their ticket. They have to remain in this seat throughout the duration of the show and are forbidden to change seats for the above-mentioned reasons. Latecomers who were refused admission are not eligible for compensation or refund.
  • All seats available are numbered and for seated persons and in line with the guidelines of the health authorities. The Organiser reserves the right to move audience members from their original seats to alternative ones, if that is deemed necessary for health safety reasons.
  • In the event of loss of your e-ticket please contact the GNO Box Office by phone (+30 2130885700) or ask the ushers at the venue for help.
  • Audience members must comply with the instructions of the venue staff and respect the health safety regulations set in place by the Greek National Opera throughout their stay at the venue.
  • When a short intermission is provided for change of sets or for the performers to rest, audience members are advised to remain seated.
  • Audience members are not allowed to carry bottles, weapons, sharp objects or anything else that could pose a risk to the safety of the audience upon entering the venue. Organisers reserve the right to perform checks upon entry for security reasons.
  • Taking pictures and recording (audiotaping or videotaping) during the performance are not allowed.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking during the performance are not allowed.
  • Admission to children under the age of six is not allowed, unless the Organiser has announced different age limits for audience members.
  • To purchase concession tickets -where provided- visitors are required to provide proof of eligibility (e.g. student card, unemployment card, etc.)
  • If a performance is postponed due to adverse weather conditions, public health reasons, or force majeure, the Organiser will announce whether it will be rescheduled, in which case your tickets will be valid for the new date. If the event is permanently cancelled, the Organiser will announce how, where and when tickets will be refunded.
  • Responsible for the event, its content and any claim for refund, is the Organiser specified on this ticket. Ticket sales outlets bear no responsibility.
  • Any fees charged for the ticket sales service (service fees) are non-refundable.
  • Tickets purchased in any way (at the box office, online or by phone) are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • Official tickets for the specified event of the Greek National Opera can be exclusively purchased at the GNO Box Office, through its call centre, the TICKET SERVICES official website. Therefore, the Greek National Opera and the official Promoter TICKET SERVICES bear no responsibility for any tickets purchased beyond the aforementioned outlets, the accuracy and validity of which cannot be guaranteed. Purchasers must be held liable for any tickets purchased through resales outside of the official sales network.
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