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Parnassos Literary Society


BlackBox Jazz Music Festival

10 - 11 - 16 - 17 - 18 February 2024

Literary Society Parnassos

The BlackBox Jazz Music Festival is a musical celebration dedicated to jazz. The BlackBox Jazz Music Festival will take place at the hall of the Literary Society Parnassos, at Karitsis Square, from 10 to 18 February 2024 and will host some of the most renowned jazz artists in 11 unique concerts.

Two of the most famous and acclaimed jazz bands in Greece will perform on February 10th. The festival will be opened by George Kontrafouris and his trio - Kimon Karoutzos on bass and Jason Wastor on drums - while Dimitris Kalantzis and his quartet will present the project "United States of mind" with original compositions and arrangements. He will be joined by George Georgiadis (bass), George Polychronakos (drums) and Dimitris Tsakas (saxophone).

On February 11th, we have the first jazz marathon day! Human Touch, David Lynch & Giotis Kiourtzoglou - together with two multi-dimensional musicians, Melina Paxinou and Stathis Anninos, will give us three hours of music! Human Touch, with 27 years of musical career, is one of the leading jazz groups of the Greek scene with many performances both in Greece and abroad. Melina Paxinos Quartet will emphasize her rich recordings and with her on stage will be Yannis Papadopoulos on piano, Grigoris Theodorides on contrabass and Dimitris Klonis on drums. Finally, Stathis Anninos will present his new project, "Un-Silent place", a crossover work for Jazz Piano Trio and String Quartet that crosses the boundaries of musical genres, from classical music to jazz with strong elements of improvisation. He is joined on stage by Kostas Patsiotis (acoustic bass), George Kosteletos (drums) and the Athens String Quartet: Apollo Grammatikopoulos (violin), Panagiotis Tziotis (violin), Angeliki Giannaki (viola), Isidoros Sideris (cello).

On Friday 16th, Stathis Anninos will accompany live the masterpiece "The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog" by Alfred Hitchcock. The dark and foggy London of the 19th century is brought to life through atmospheric soundscapes, interesting musical admixtures and the sounds of piano and synthesizers. Produced in 1927, the film is one of the finest creations of the timeless master of suspense and, arguably, his best silent film. Although unknown to the public, it is one of the most important films in the development of cinema. In "The Lodger" Hitchcock perfects for the first time his signature style and subject matter, which will change cinema forever. As major film critics have said, "The Lodger may not be Hitchcock's first film, but it is certainly the first Hitchcockian film!"

On February 17th, two very dynamic jazz groups will perform, the Spiral Trio and Giorgos Tsolis with his selected friends. The Spiral Trio and in particular the virtuosos Spyros Manesis (piano), Arionas Gftakis (contrabass) and Anastasis Gouliaris (drums) are preparing for all of us a dynamic jazz evening with references to their rich discography. On the other hand, the pianist and composer Giorgos Tsolis (piano), together with the superstar Cuban trumpeter Jorge Vistel and George Maniatis (drums) and Kimon Karouzzo (double bass) will present tracks from his new album as well as previous, favorite compositions. The surprise of the day will be the solo jam session of Lakis Tzimka at the beginning of the program!

On February 18th, at the 2nd jazz marathon day, three bands with different sounds and influences will offer us unique moments and an ideal closing of the 1st BLACBOX Jazz Music Festival.

Kostas Patsiotis with his selected musicians: Yannis Papadopoulos (piano), Michalis Tsiftsis (guitar), Dimitris Klonis (drums) will present original compositions from the new album "October" as well as compositions from the modern jazz repertoire. Petros Klampanis, together with Rafael Meleteas (piano) and Thomas Meleteas (oud) will present original compositions from the album TORA COLLECTIVE, while Dimitris Tsakas (saxophone) presents his new band with the great Kimon Karouzzos on double bass and Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis on drums. Dimitris Tsakas' trio is distinguished for its unique sonic approach, highlighting the personal character of the artists through his own musical compositions, as well as through the subversive interpretation of well-known jazz standards that are adapted in a unique way to the group's sound.

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Saturday, 10.02.2024
20.30 Yorgos Kontrafouris Trio
21.45 Dimitris Kalantzis Quartet

Sunday, 11.02.2024
19.30 Melina Paxinos Quartet
20.40 Human Touch
22.00 Stathis Anninos Septet

Friday, 16.02.2024
21.00 Stathis Anninos: Silent Movie Jazz Project - Hitchcock: The Lodger (98')

Saturday, 17.02.2024
20.30 Lakis Tzimkas
21.10 Spiral Trio
22.15 Giorgos Tsolis & Friends (Quartet)

Sunday, 18.02.2024
19.30 Kostas Patsiotis Quartet
20.40 Dimitris Tsakas Trio
21.50 Petros Klampanis Trio

It is worth noting that on the 10th, 11th, 17th & 18th of February, there will be an intermission between the music groups, while in the foyer of "Parnassos" there will be a mini bar (wine, beer, soft drinks, delicious snacks), a record and CD shop and a separate area for the sponsors and supporters of the BLACKBOX Music Jazz Festival. | Τηλ: 216 8092969 |


Parnassos Literary Society
Ag. George Karitsis 8, Karitsin Square,
Athens, Greece


Saturday, 10.02.2024 @ 20.30
George Kontrafouris Trio
Dimitris Kalantzis Quartet
Prices: 25€, 18€, 15€ (reduced 12€ *)
tickets >

Sunday, 11.02.2024 @ 19:30
Melina Paxinos Quartet
Human Touch
Stathis Anninos Septet
Prices: 25€, 20€, 15€ (reduced 12€ *)
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Friday, 16.02.2024 @ 21.00
Stathis Anninos: Silent Movie Jazz Project
Hitchcock: The Lodger (100')
Prices: 15€, 12€, 10€ (reduced 8€ *)
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Saturday, 17.02.2024 @ 20.30
Lakis Tzimkas
Spiral Trio
Yorgos Tsolis & Friends (Quartet)
Prices: 20€, 15€, 12€ (reduced 10€*)
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Sunday, 18.02.2024 @ 19.30
Kostas Patsiotis Quartet
Dimitris Tsakas Trio
Petros Klampanis Trio
Prices: 20€, 15€, 12€ (reduced 10€*)
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* the reduced ticket is for students, unemployed, disabled people

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