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To watch the performance as a scuba diver, choose the “Underwater Ticket”

Diving down to six (6) metres has never been this exciting before!

Descent to the underwater “theater” and see the underwater dancing team moving in a water sphere, blending in harmonically with the music!

Arriving time at the venue: 12.00 – Starting time: 14.00

The price of the ticket includes the use of the required scuba diving equipment: Buoyancy Control Device, Regulator with SPG, Wet Suit, Mask, Fins, Weight Belt, Tank with compressed Air.
Any cost related to obtaining a scuba diving license is NOT included in the ticket price. To obtain one, please, read below.

To participate as an underwater spectator, you need to:

- be over 10 years of age

- have a valid scuba diving license issued by a diving certification agency recognized by the Greek Government (PADI, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, CMAS/GREEK FEDERATION).

If you have the above then:
- send a scanned copy of your diving certification card, and your size (S, M, L, XL) to Aqua Divers Club, as soon as you buy your ticket -the latest one week prior to the event at: info@aquadiversclub.com & petros@aquadiversclub.com

- present a log book showing that either you have dived within the last six months. Otherwise a scuba review must be undertaken through the auspices of Aqua Divers Club and its associate partners for this event.

- complete two forms that we will provide to you on the spot the day of the performance- a medical form and an equipment rental form and sign both a Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and  a Statement of Risk and Liability.


- if you have no previous scuba diving experience, come and get trained up as a scuba diver in order to have the possibility to be an underwater spectator of the performance. All training will be undertaken by Aqua Divers Club and its associate partners for this event. For diving information related to courses available, duration, pricing, please contact Aqua Divers Club: info@aquadiversclub.com , +30 22910 53461 or Petros : petros@aquadiversclub.com, +30 6947 564261.

-  if you have a diving certification card but have not dived during the past six months, it is important you take a scuba review with a recognized diving center and show proof of the dive via your log book.

-  if you have a diving certification card and wish to use your own equipment during the event, you will kindly be asked to verify to Aqua Divers Club that your equipment has been serviced during the past twelve months : info@aquadiversclub.com & petros@aquadiversclub.com


To watch the performance as a snorkeler, choose the Snorkeling Ticket.

If you like to stay on the surface, see the seabed from the top with a panoramic view of the choreography!

Arriving time at the venue: 13.00 – Starting time: 14.00

To participate as a snorkeler come with your own mask, fins, snorkel and swimming or use the snorkeling gear you will be provided.
The gear is included in the price of the ticket.

Those who wish to learn snorkeling in order to participate at the event, can obtain snorkeling lessons through Aqua Divers Club and its associates. The cost of snorkeling training is NOT included in the price of the ticket.

Snorkeling Participants will be kindly asked to complete a Statement of Risk and Liability/Non Agency Acknowledgement form.


You can also watch the performance's video on a screen on the beach! Choose the Screen Ticket.

Get your screen ticket, choose your pillow-on-the-grass next to the sea and watch the performance on the screen. The exceptional visual experience begins when you will put your own hat on so, bring it along!

Arriving time at the venue: 13.30 – Starting time: 14.00

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