Syros Jazz Festival


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Syros Jazz Festival

9 - 10 - 11 September 2022

Apollo Theater
Hermoupolis, Syros

Friday, 09/09/2022
Dimitri Vassilakis - George Kontrafouris Trio

Dimitri Vassilakis
"Jazz imporovisation and artificial intelligence"

What can artificial intelligence and jazz music have in common? At first glance, none. Dimitri Vassilakis together with the guitarist Tilemachos Moussas show us what they might be connected, through a subversive meeting of technology and music with the title "Jazz improvisation and artificial intelligence". The internationally acclaimed saxophonist, who teaches in the postgraduate program "Music, Technology and Contemporary Practices" of the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), and his collaborator, will focus on approaching jazz improvisation as a narrative in relation to language, poetry and prose. At the same time, they will highlight the applications of improvisation in artificial intelligence and natural language processing systems.
Dimitri Vassilakis: saxophone
Tilemachos Moussas: guitar

George Kontrafouris Trio

George Kontrafouris and Stefanos Andreadis have been friends and collaborators for many years in the jazz department of the Music Studies of the Ionian University and fellow travelers in the Flying Jazz group since 2009.

At this year's festival they present a part of "London 3", one of the recent works of George Kontrafouris with veteran Jim Mullen on guitar released by AVJ, as well as tracks from the brand new album "Abel - Flying Jazz Trio", which has just been released by Irida Jazz, along with selected older tracks from previous Flying Jazz records.
George Kontrafouris: hammond organ
Stefanos Andreadis: guitar
Dimitris Klonis: drums

Saturday, 10/9/2022
Stathis Anninos & Obradovic-Tixier Duo

Stathis Anninos

Through the rich sounds of a piano and based on original compositions as well as favorite sounds from a variety of musical genres, Stathis Anninos creates a programme full of affinities and contrasts, highlighting a multifaceted musical personality. The flow of the music comes from the expressive freedom that distinguishes him, as well as his love for the diverse tradition of the piano, which extends from classical music to his favorite jazz pianists (and beyond), covering a range that spans his musical origins which harmoniously complement each other.

Stathis Anninos - piano

Obradovic-Tixier Duo

Obradovic-Tixier Duo is the combination of French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. The duo produce a contemporary and stylish sound blending acoustic and electronic instruments. A soft yet striking performance where David's sophisticated harmonies and lyrical drama interweave with Lada's polyrhythms. Together, the pair weave a captivating tale.
David Tixier - piano, keyboards, electronics
Lada Obradovic - drums, voice


Sunday, 11/09/2022
Menios Gounaris Trio & Spiral Trio

Menios Gounaris Trio

Pianist and composer Menios Gounaris and his trio present the artist's new album "Set in motion". A work inspired and recorded entirely during the pandemic, which, as the title suggests, tries to capture the need for action and creation.

Menios Gounaris - piano
Grigoris Theodoridis - bass
Panagiotis Themas - drums


Spiral Trio

Spiral Trio was formed in 2012 by Spyros Manesis, Arion Gyftakis and Anastasis Gouliaris. Spiral trio is a contemporary jazz group which has been inspired by great figures of modern piano trio formation, still though keeping clear references to the tradition of jazz playing. It is noteworthy to point out the continuous and improvisational interplay between the band members. The trio's performance will be based mainly on their new album "Broken Blue".

Spyros Manesis - piano
Arion Gyftakis - bass
Anastasis Gouliaris - drums


Co-organized by
South Aegean Region / Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis

Under the auspices and with the financial support
of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Free admission
Online reservations through

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