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Speedcubers Master Classes

THURSDAY 27 JUNE 18.30, Lighthouse
  • Suitable for audiences of all ages.
  • Online preregistrations will open for the public on Thursday 20/06 at 14.00.
  • Your booking is valid provided you check in at the Info Point Agora (at the Agora). The event will be on continuous flow for the public. 
  • Free entrance


Nostos University is proud to present Ernο Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube. Forty-five years ago, as a teacher of architecture and design, Rubik found that his students needed to learn to embrace complexity. So he designed his famous cube puzzle, which at first was considered too difficult to solve, but then was enthusiastically received by some of the world’s greatest minds before becoming the bestselling puzzle toy of all time! The first three nights of Nostos University will feature artists known for their complex configurations. Come to the Lighthouse for classes early in the evening, and stay late to see the artists hard at work making astounding structures. Learn how to create Rubik’s Cube mosaics, domino art, card castles and recycled art like you have never seen before! Visit each night to learn a variety of skills. From Wednesday to Saturday, you will have an opportunity to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube from some of the fastest speedcubers in the world, how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, from basic methods for beginners to advanced techniques and secret tips and tricks for pros. On Friday night, we will celebrate the cube with a rare appearance by Ernο Rubik himself, and on Saturday, the Summer Nostos Festival will host an all-day speedcubing competition for cubers from around the world.Playing with



Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Cultural Center (SNFCC)

Event Date
Thursday June 27, 2019
time: 18.30

Free entrance
via electronic booking

Booking System
Only electronic bookings are available.

Printing your e-Pass

Please download in a PDF form and print your Entry Passes for your convenience

Valid Entry Pass
The event will be on a continuous flow for the public. You can check-in and get your priority pass at the Info Point Agora (at the Agora).

Booking cancellation
In case you are not able to attend to the event, please be kind enough to cancel your reservation by sending an email at

Booking period
- Pre-registration for the public starts on Thursday 20 June at 14.00

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