Epirus is... people from the country or the city, coming together in the square on the day of a folk festival...

Music, instruments and voices embraced, following the steps of the dancer...

Epirus has lent its name to this musical ensemble that will take us on a journey to “Scattered Leaves”, a one-of-a-kind show, which honors the land’s music culture. The artistic supervision is by George Kotsinis who also plays the clarinet, Kostas Kikilis who plays the violin and Nikos Aggelopoulos on lute. They are accompanied by four outstanding Greek vocalists: Areti Ketime, Giota Griva, Lefkothea Philippidi and Ria Ellinidou. The ensemble is complemented with top musicians Thomas Konstantinou on lute and oud and Petros Papageorgiou on tambourine.

“Scattered Leaves are notes entwined to weave songs full of memories... “

“Scattered Leaves are the memories of emigrants and all the loved ones they left behind...”

An online show like no other. A fresh but profound approach to the land’s music treasure, delivered by a masterful instrument ensemble, free from the shackles of folklore.

“Skorpia Fylla” is an ATW Productions creation for Live Stage Web Project – In Concert

Live Stage Web Project is the latest venture of ATW Productions, which – mid-pandemic- attempted to preserve the bond between artists and their audience and judging by its wide acceptance, it succeeded. Through musical evenings under the umbrella title “(A)live Musicians” and with the passing of months, the need arose to stage unique thematic music shows online that will reach Greeks, not only in Greece but also overseas. “Skorpia Fylla” is one of these attempts, paying homage to the music culture of Epirus, with the aim to reach people from Epirus everywhere and take them on a journey to their homeland, albeit a virtual one.


Areti Ketime

Giota Griva

Lefkothea Philippidi

Ria Ellinidou


Giorgos Kotsinis - Clarinet

Kostas Kikilis - Violin

Nikos Aggelopoulos - Lute

Thomas Konstantinou – Lute, Oud

Petros Papageorgiou – Tambourine

Music Editing: Giorgos Kotsinis

Production : ATW Productions

Project : Live Stage Web Project in Concert

Sound Equipment : Giorgos Michailidis

Sound Engineer : Panagiotis Terzis

Sound recording / Editing / Mastering: Nikos Papadopoulos | Soundflakes Studio

Direction : Panagiotis Sovatzis

Video Editing : Asiminia Andriopoulou

Cinematography : Antonis Varampoutis

Cameramen : Charis Petretzikis, Giannis Vlachos, Kostas Anetakis

Post Processing / Animation: Maya Seoud

Teaser / Trailer Editor: Maya Seoud, Asimina Andriopoulou

We would like to thank the traditional Greek restaurant “En Moschato” for their kind hospitality.

The streaming will be available from October 9th till November 30th for On Demand streaming, through, 24hrs/day for all devices.

Ticket sales:

ATW Productions Communication Office


Epirus and its music culture in one show

from Saturday 9 October 2021 at 21.00 (EST)
until Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 23.59

Ticket price: 9€

The ticket allows you to watch the show online at any time from Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 21.00 until Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 23.59. The ticket is valid for 4 hours from the moment of its activation.

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