The Lullaby Project: The tone of love


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The Lullaby Project returns to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center for the sixth year running, in partnership with the musical social inclusion project El Sistema Greece and New York's Carnegie Hall.

In this year's instalment of The Lullaby Project, El Sistema Greece continues to broaden the spectrum of parenthood and highlight different aspects of this unique relationship of love. A love that is not necessarily defined by gender or biological kinship. Original musical creations present separate stories that highlight a host of topical societal issues aimed at vigilance and acceptance.

Mothers from Ukraine; a mother of five who came to Greece as a refugee; a mother raising her daughter alone; the mother of a trans child; the mother of a child with Down syndrome; a mother raising her child while also facing her own serious illness; a midwife who has offered a first hug to thousands of children; as well as fathers who are temporarily detained at Korydallos Prison but trying to be present for their children, are the protagonists of this year's Lullaby Project.

Noted musical artists Antonis Apergis, Expe, Giannis Konsolakis, Leon of Athens, Danai Nielsen, Semeli Papavasileiou, Fotis Siotas and Dimitra Trypani take on the task of conveying these stories through original pieces of music. These musical stories will be presented to the public on Monday, May 29, at the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera.

The innovative community program Lullaby Project was created in December 2011 in New York City by Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute (WMI), bringing new mothers and pregnant women from vulnerable social environments together with musical artists, in order to write and sing lullabies to their babies. Since then, these songs have been performed at the famous concerts of The Lullaby Project, which have featured celebrated artists such as mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant, Catherine Zeta-Jones et al.

In pursuing its effort to promote social inclusion through music, Carnegie Hall has been working together with El Sistema Greece since 2018 in the implementation of the Greek version of The Lullaby Project, with El Sistema Greece innovating and expanding the concept beyond maternity and biological ties, to include stories of parental love in all its forms, affectionately dedicated to all the children of the world. The SNFCC has joined El Sistema Greece on this beautiful musical journey since the very first year, 2018, supporting its effort to celebrate the love for children through the universal power of the lullaby.

The educational music project for social inclusion El Sistema Greece offers free music education to children and young people, aiming to build a community, revolving around music, with no restrictions or discriminations. SNFCC has been supporting El Sistema Greece since its beginnings, and has repeatedly hosted its students, allowing them to participate in high-level concerts and acquire valuable comprehensive musical experiences.

Monday 29/05 | 19.30


This event comes under a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).


GNO Alternative Stage

Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Cultural Center (SNFCC)

Event Date
Monday 29 May 2023

time: 19:30

Free admission, with online pre-registration

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