Two days of electronic and experimental music - Chronotopia

PEIRAIOS 260 - (Η)


Two days of electronic and experimental music
Chronotopia In collaboration with CTM Festival and Goethe-Institut Athen 


The multifaceted Chronotopia project launches an exciting collaboration between the Athens Festival, Goethe-Institut Athen and Berlin's CTM Festival του Βερολίνου. World-renowned for its efforts to highlight and promote contemporary experimental and electronic music, for the last 21 years CTM has been established as one of the most avant-garde, pioneering festivals of its kind, encompassing numerous events, running the gamut of club and sound culture.

Chronotopia will feature six musical/audiovisual works, created by the participants of the electronic composition lab Chronotopia Echoes / Αντηχήσεις, under the guidance of artists Akis Sinos and Anke Echardt, following research in the archive of the Athens-based Contemporary Music Research Center (CMRC). Five original works of electronic music and an audiovisual installation drawing from past music will be presented at Hall H at Peiraios 260.

Electronic music concerts by local and international artists will also take place.

Audiences will remain seated throughout the concerts

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performance dates are subject to change




1 & 2 October

20:00 - 22:00

Sofia Eleni Xezonaki Installation


1 October

22:00 - 22:40

Chronotopia Echoes/Αντηχήσεις

Gaspar Cohen Live performance

22:50 - 23:20

Chronotopia Echoes/Αντηχήσεις

Giulia Vismara Live performance

23:30 - 00:00

Chronotopia Echoes/Αντηχήσεις

Max Eilbacher Live performance

00:20 - 00: 35

Chronotopia Apotome / Leimna

Sofia Zafeiriou Live set

00:40 - 01:10

Chronotopia Apotome / Leimna

Khyam Allami Live set

01:15 - 01:45

Chronotopia Apotome / Leimna

Andys Skordis Live set

01:50 - 02:20


Thanos Hana Live set


2 October

22:00 - 22:50

Chronotopia Echoes/Αντηχήσεις

Alyssa Moxley Live performance

23:00 - 23:30

Chronotopia Echoes/Αντηχήσεις

Savvas Metaxas Live performance

Interval 30'

00:00 - 00:50

Chella Nene H & Bassiani Choir

01:00 - 01:30

Chronotopia Morah Live set


Δωρεάν μετακίνηση από Σύνταγμα προς Πειραιώς 260

Έχοντας αγοράσει εισιτήρια για παράσταση του Φεστιβάλ Αθηνών στην Πειραιώς 260, μπορείτε να μετακινηθείτε από το Σύνταγμα προς την Πειραιώς 260 δωρεάν.

Η υπηρεσία παρέχεται μόνο με κράτηση και εφόσον έχουν ήδη αγοραστεί εισιτήρια παράστασης της ίδιας ημερομηνίας

Κάντε κλικ εδώ για κράτηση θέσης


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Online and phone sales include a service fee of 4%

Concessions for persons with disabilities at 210 3221897
(Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00)

Concessions (student, unemployed, 65+ - where applicable) available only at the Athens Festival box office




ΑΦΜ: 094537130
ΕΔΡΑ: Αλκμήνης 5, ΑΘΗΝΑ
  • Friday 01 October 2021, 20:00 Two days of electronic and experimental music - Chronotopia PEIRAIOS 260 - (Η) SELECT TICKETSAvailability:    
  • Saturday 02 October 2021, 20:00 Two days of electronic and experimental music - Chronotopia PEIRAIOS 260 - (Η) SELECT TICKETSAvailability:    
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