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Stavros Xarhakos

~ Rembetiko ~

40 years later

Following the high demand
and the SOLD OUT of the first date
(Sunday, September 3rd)

an additional concert is added

Thursday, October 12th, 2023, 9:00 PM

Odeon of Herodes Atticus


The music and songs that marked the milestone film in the history of Greek cinema are presented for the first time forty (40) years later.

On Sunday, September 3rd, and Thursday, October 12th, the stage of Herodes Atticus Odeon transforms into a rembetiko stage!

Before our eyes, Stavros Xarhakos - along with 20 more musicians, singers, and chanters - will convey to us the emotions, the Dionysian spirit, the light, as well as the enchanting darkness of the instrumental pieces and songs of this iconic work that celebrates its fortieth (40th) year since it rooted itself in our hearts.

Forty (40) years ago, despite the desires of companies, he chose to find voices that fit what he dreamt of, voices with experiences and a unique color.

And now he chooses collectivity in the presentation of this work, without flashy names, giving the orchestra its first voice.

Together, they all play, sing, compose, forming a modern rembetiko ensemble. The condition for the rembetiko stage of 2023 is created, with today's musicians, Stavros Xarhakos' contemporary musical perspective on this now historic work, revealing to us how this work continues to evolve, innovate, and express the depths of the human soul, forty (40) years after.

The Story:

In 1983, Kostas Ferris directed and presented, based on his and Sotiria Leonardou's script, the film "Rembetiko," a landmark film that documented Greece of the interwar period, rebetika music, the lives of artists, and life in refugee camps, through the journey of a rebetiko singer (implied to be Marika Ninou).

For the needs of the film, Stavros Xarhakos created new songs made with an old recipe that gave the impression that they were old rebetika songs.

The album "Rembetiko" has since seen many re-releases and tremendous acceptance. It sold more than 250,000 copies and gave a new impetus to rebetiko music.

The songs "Kaigomai," "Mana Mou Ellas," "To Dichty," "To Praktoreio," "Stou Thomas," "Stis Pikras Ta Xeronisa," "Bournovolia," "Stin Amfiali," received widespread acceptance, became timeless, and wrote their own independent history. From then until today, we have heard them in countless covers and interpretations by artists of all kinds, Greeks and beyond.

As George Notaras writes in his book "The Greek Song of the Last 30 Years": "Xarhakos' talent achieved something unique: to create rebetika, based on all the clichés and all the scales of the genre. He took the special codes and keys and used them with the greatest dedication and rigor. Gatsos' poetry played a catalytic role..."

>> The concerts of September 3rd and October 12th are dedicated by Stavros Xarhakos to the protagonists of "Rembetiko" who are no longer with us: Nikos Gatsos, Sotiria Leonardou, Nikos Dimitratos, Nikos Maragkopoulos, Kostas Tsigos, Takis Mpinis, Aristeidis Moschos, and Thodoros Polykandriotis.

Listen to songs from Rembetiko here:

Concert Details

Stavros Xarhakos
~ Rembetiko ~

40 years later

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Sunday, September 3rd, 9:00 PM
Thursday, October 12th, 9:00 PM

In alphabetical order:

Andreadis Thanasis: chanter
Vasilas Gregory: bouzouki, vocals
Vergopoulos Fotis: bouzouki, vocals
Drogkaris Vasilis: accordion
Zakkas Hercules: bouzouki, vocals
Karounis Zacharias: vocals
Kapsokavidis Alexandros: tzouras, vocals
Kolovos Konstantinos: chanter
Koumentakis Lazaros: chanter
Livanos Dimitris: bouzouki, vocals
Mermigkas Theodoros: guitar, vocals
Neofytidis Neoklis: piano
Nikopoulos Giorgos: guitar, vocals
Xarhakos Stavros: orchestration - orchestra direction
Pappas Giorgos: bouzouki, vocals
Pappos Manolis: bouzouki, vocals
Paschalidis Vangelis: santouri
Reppas Dimitris: bouzouki, vocals
Saia Hero: vocals
Tzikas Antonis: contrabass
Trasani Haris: chanter

Production: Cricos Productions





Sunday, September 3,2023 (SOLD OUT)
Thursday, October 12, 2023 (2nd concert)



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