Ticket purchase terms & conditions

  • The ticket entitles the bearer to enter the venue of the event advertised, on the date and at the time specified therein.
  • All available places are seated and numbered, and spaced in accordance with compulsory safety distances between audience members, in compliance with health authority regulations.
  • The use of a non-medical mask is compulsory for all audience members during the whole event.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to move audience members from their original seats to others, if this is deemed necessary for reasons of hygiene.
  • The ticket holder accepts that he is solely responsible for his personal safety, as well as for the safety of any minors he accompanies.
  • The staff is on site in order to ensure the service of the public for the smooth conduct of the concert. The public must comply with the instructions of the staff and the organisers, and not hesitate to contact them if necessary.
  • Videotaping, recording and photographing of the concert or part of it is prohibited by any means and in any way.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the program of the concert or cancel it. In case of cancellation of the concert the public will be informed as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended to arrive early, one hour before the start of the event, to avoid delays and overcrowding.
  • Admission will not be possible after the start of the event.
  • Refund of the price paid for the purchase of the ticket is made only in case of cancellation of the event by the organizer (Law 2251/1994 no. 3b).
  • In these cases, only the amount corresponding to the nominal price of the ticket will be refunded and not any additional charges per ticket as these are a service fee which have been provided for the sale of tickets through TICKET SERVICES.
  • In any case, there is no refund of the price paid for the purchase of the ticket in case of interruption after half of the show due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Responsible for the conduct of this event, its content and any claim for a refund, is the ticket organizer and not the pre-sale points.
  • Parts of the concert may be videotaped / videotaped. Members of the public that will appear in them, will not have any requirements from the organizers or from anyone who derives rights from the videotaping / videotaping.
  • Tickets purchased in any way (cashier - telephone - internet) are not returned, nor are they changed.
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