Ticket purchase terms & conditions

Each purchased ticket grants admission to one person only and is valid exclusively for the date, performance and seat number for which it has been issued. If these requirements are not met, ticket owners cannot be admitted to the performance.
All tickets are strictly personal and non-transferable.
Upper tier seats are also numbered as of this year. Each chosen seat is final.

The following restrictions apply:
- Audience members cannot be admitted to the venue after the start of the performance.
- Ticket refunding is not allowed.
- Smoking, eating and drinking in all performance venues is not allowed.
- Taking pictures, with or without the use of flash, and recording (audiotaping or videotaping) during the performance are not allowed.
- Admission to children under the age of six is not allowed.
- Tipping is not allowed.
- Visitors are not allowed to wear shoes which may potentially damage historically significant venues (pointed heels are expressly prohibited at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus)

Requirements for admission to the performance venues:
- Visitors must display their ticket (in electronic or digital form) upon admission.
- Visitors with concessions are required to display their ID card upon admission.
- Mobile phones must be turned off during the performance.

Audiences are strongly advised to be there on time, to make sure they are admitted to the venue in a safe, orderly and speedy manner.
There will be no interval in any of the performance for safety reasons.
Cancelling purchased tickets is not allowed.

If a performance is postponed due to a strike, state prohibition, technical reasons, adverse weather etc., the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. retains the right to re-schedule the performance, moving it to a new date, hour and performance venue.
If a performance is cancelled, all tickets are refunded within a reasonable amount of time. Refund locations are announced by the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A.
In all such cases, only the nominal value/price of the ticket is refunded. Any extra charges per ticket, which cover the ticketing services provided by TICKET SERVICES, are not refunded.
No refunding is provided if a performance is interrupted halfway through due to adverse weather conditions.

Official ticket sale locations of the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. are: its box offices; phone centre; the TICKET SERVICES official website and its collaborating natural networks. In light of that, HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. and TICKET SERVICES bear no responsibility for any tickets purchased beyond the aforementioned avenues, the accuracy and validity of which cannot be guaranteed. Purchasers must be held liable for any tickets purchased through resales outside of the official sales network.
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