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Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy
according to the General Data Policy Regulation (GDPR)

TICKET SERVICES welcomes its visitors with respect, therefore protects their personal data with responsibility. This principle is part of the effort in complying with the accurate adherence to legislation.

TICKET SERVICES is run by LOGISMIKI LTD who acts as your Personal Data Controller. Logismiki LTD's contact information is: 33, Neas Efessou, Kessariani, 161 21. Tel. (+30)2107234567.

When purchasing tickets, in any way this is done (online, by phone or at a box office) through the TICKET SERVICES platform, the customer's personal details are collected and stored only with their absolute consent. These details (and specifically: lastname, firstname, phone number, home address, email) are requested by our service, in order to serve our customers most effectively, while on purchase but also after it.

The above details, and since the buyer states their consent, are used in several occasions, like in sending the tickets by email, verifying purchase in case of ticket loss, informing on event cancellation etc. Furthermore, personalised purchases help in building a "purchase history", which is a useful tool for offering extra benefits to our customers.

In addition, and only if the customer has stated their consent, they can receive useful and informative notifications by our service and/or our associates (event producers and venues) relative to the artistic interests of the customers.

Stored personal details are accessed only by authorized personnel focusing in data protection from illegal or unwanted use, leak, destruction etc.

Also, the same policy is applied to the entire network of our associate venues, event production companies, and ticketing sales points we work with.

In compliance to the above, while using our website to purchase tickets, our customers is required to aknowledge that they agree in us storing their personal details they will enter themselves, and only after this confirmation is given, the purchase can be completed. Along with this act, the customer is called to decide if they want to receive notifications by email with content more than the basic communication required for a transaction (eg newsletters etc). The same goes for orders made by phone. In-person sales at a box office can be made anonymously if the customer wishes so.

Regarding the use of credit/debit cards, our policy is not storing sensitive card information in readable form in our servers. Also data transmission to and from the payment services we use for making the payments is encrypted. Also, since we do not store the credit card details each time the customer makes an order, we need to ask for the same details again, thus minimizing the chances of sensitive information leaking, stealing or abusing.

Of course our systems are compliant to all modern security standards (eg PCI-DSS), and we utilize all means necessary for protecting our customer's transactions (3D Secure and/or redirection to banks' payment forms when necessary etc), while trying to keep a simplified enviroment for placing the orders.

Visiting our website could be by following a link from another site. Also we make links to other associated or third-party websites. Privacy policies of other websites may differ from our's, so it should be pointed out that all of the above refer to TICKET SERVICES website only.

You may read more information regarding the useage of cookies in our website by clicking here.

The users of our services retain all their rights regarding their personal data like the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object. Our company will examine any relevant request and is obliged to respond within 30 days, either by satisfying the request or rejecting it with the proper justification.

You may contact us regarding any request on your personal data either by email at, by phone at (+30)2107234567, or by post mail at 33, Neas Efessou Str, Kessariani, 16121 - Logismiki LTD. You may always contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) for any complaint in a written form at 1-3 Kifissias Str, 11523 Athens, Greece.

Our Personal Data administrators are willing to listen to our customers' opinions and discuss on any details in depth.

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