Ticket purchase terms & conditions

  • The purchase of this ticket entitles its owner to attend the Concert listed on it, if and as long as he accepts and abides by the venue's operating conditions. The entry of the spectator to the event means the unreserved acceptance of the conditions stated herein.
  • The ticket is valid for one entry only and is only valid if sold from an official point of sale. The exchange, resale and trading of tickets in general is prohibited. Tickets purchased for the purpose of business, commercial, advertising or other activity without the approval of the organizers may be cancelled.
  • The ticket must be kept until the end of the event and shown to the venue staff if requested.
  • The Organizer may prohibit the entry of persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carrying bottles, weapons, sharp objects, bottles and anything else that could pose a risk to the safety of the spectators, even in case they are ticket holders. It is also prohibited to carry and use audio-visual media in the Concert area and to photograph, film and record the performances. The ticket holder accepts the possibility that his personal belongings may be checked, within the framework of the above prohibitions.
  • The event will take place in accordance with the health protocols that will be in effect at the time of its holding.
  • Spectators are required to comply with the instructions of the venue managers and to respect the health regulations set by the Organizer throughout their stay at the venue.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the event.
  • The Organizers bear no responsibility for accidents that may arise from the indecent behavior of the public and for damage or loss of personal belongings of the spectators at the concert venue. They also do not replace stolen or lost tickets.
  • The public must comply with the instructions of the security staff and the representatives of the Organizers regarding security issues. Crowd surfing is expressly prohibited for safety reasons.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the date/time and place, notifying the public about it through the Mass Media. In this case the tickets are not refundable, but valid as they are
  • In case of cancellation of the concert due to strike, government bans, force majeure, bad weather conditions, sanitary bans etc., the organizers reserve the right to change the date, time and venue of the concert.
  • In case of definitive cancellation of the Concert, the tickets will be redeemed, within a certain time, from the funds that will be announced with a relevant notice from the Mass Media. The spectator accepts that the organizers have no obligation to compensate him, apart from the price of his ticket, for any other expenses of the cancellation of the concert.
  • In case of interruption and cancellation of the Concert for reasons of force majeure, at least thirty (30) minutes after its start, it is considered complete and is not repeated. In this case, the tickets are not redeemable.
  • The event will take place under any weather conditions.
  • The possession of this ticket does not entitle the holder to receive any additional free service, unless this has been announced. Drinking from the bar-canteen is optional.
  • In the event that the same ticket guarantees entry/attendance to several concerts-events (e.g. Festival) and the performance of a group or individual artist is cancelled, the spectator accepts that the organizers have no obligation to compensate him.
  • Parts of the concert may be videotaped. Members of the public who will appear in them, will not have any claim from the company performing the video recording/filming or the Organizers.
  • Tickets purchased in any way (cashier - phone - internet) are not refundable or exchangeable.
  • Any ticketing service fees are non-refundable even if the event is cancelled.
  • Responsible for the conduct of the specific event, its content and any claim for refund, is the Organizer mentioned on the ticket and not the pre-sale points.
  • For any further information, contact info@up-the-hammers.gr
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