Ticket purchase terms & conditions

Terms of purchase and use of tickets
  • The ticket guarantees the right to participate in the tour of the specific date and time indicated.
  • For discounted tickets, the status of the beneficiary must be proven by demonstrating a form of identification and the relevant supporting document (e.g. student pass, unemployment card, etc.) upon arrival at the venue.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry bottles, weapons, sharp objects, or anything else that could pose a risk to the safety of participants or third parties. The Organizer reserves the right to monitor the visitors for security reasons.
  • Please arrive at the tour site at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the tour. Once the tour has started, the Organizer may, at its sole discretion, refuse the entrance to participants who are late for the tour.
  • Photography, filming and recording of the tour is not permitted.
  • Smoking and food and/or drink consumption during the tour are prohibited.
  • During your visit there may be changes to your tour itinerary, as some areas may not be available due to potential staging of events.
  • The Organizer named in this ticket is responsible for the conduct of the tour, its content and any refund of the price paid for the ticket purchase in the event of a definitive cancellation; ticket sales points bear no responsibility
  • Tickets purchased by any means (cashier - telephone - internet) are not refundable or exchangeable, except by the Organizer and exclusively and in accordance with the following cancellation policy.
The Organizer's policy for tour cancellation and refund:
  • In the unlikely event of cancellation of the tour for any reason, the value of tickets will not be refunded by the Organizer, except for the limited exceptions noted herein.
  • The Organizer may modify the date and time of the tour upon notification to the participants. If participants do not wish to participate in the new date and time of the tour, the Organizer will proceed with the refund of the tour fee. In case of delay of the participants, it is not possible to extend the duration of the tour, which will be completed at the predetermined time.
  • In the event of either late arrival or no-show, the tour or part of the tour is not conducted, and no refund is possible
  • If the tour is postponed or indefinitely cancelled due to weather conditions or other force majeure, participants may request a refund of the tour fee or rescheduling of the tour, following prior communication and arrangement with the Organizer.
  • The Organizer will contact the participants either to reschedule the tour with the same tickets or to request a refund of the tour fee.
  • In the event, and for any reason, that fewer participants attend the tour than those included in the online ticket reservation, there will be no refund of the value of the tickets of the participants who did not show up.
  • The person making the online booking undertakes that by submitting his/her booking all participants who may be accompanying on the tour are aware of the present tour conditions of the Organizer and shall ensure that all participants comply with the terms and conditions
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